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The University of Winnipeg

We are pleased to partner with The University of Winnipeg. Spruce catering is a preferred cater. Spruce Catering is operated by Diversity 
Foods Services. Diversity is a social enterprise that prioritizes social, cultural, economic, and environmental well-being for the community. The enterprise specializes in creating flavorful and nutritious food prepared from scratch using authentic ingredients and recipes. The food is sourced using sustainable and responsible methods, with all products following
The social enterprise also offers employment and career meaningful individuals development opportunities rigorous standards to traditionally marginalized in the economy.  This  includes persons within disabilities,  refugees,  indigenous  peoples,  and  those households. The enterprise fosters a positive, dynamic work environment  that values each employee's skills and provides them with opportunities to grow. Moreover, the social enterprise believes in creating meaningful 
community through the sharing of food, which is done in their intentional gathering spaces. Through their partnerships with other organizations, 
Diversity expands its vision and reaches more people in the community.

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